Ashelee Gerald

Wake Forest University
Visiting Librarian Assistant
Wednesday, August 15

8:00am EDT

12:00pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

4:00pm EDT

7:00pm EDT

Thursday, August 16

7:30am EDT

10:30am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:30pm EDT

3:00pm EDT

7:30pm EDT

Friday, August 17

8:30am EDT

9:45am EDT

11:00am EDT

2:00pm EDT

Saturday, August 18

8:30am EDT

601 - Prioritizing Processing When Everything Is A Priority [RIM] Marriott Salon 2, [Lobby Level]Amy Cooper Cary • Joanne Archer • Jessica Geiser • Pam Hackbart-Dean • Jamie Martin 603 - Fostering Equity: Community Archives and Academic Archives Partnerships Washington 4, [Exhibition Level]Audra Eagle Yun • Courtney Chartier • Bryan Giemza • Nancy Liliana Godoy • Helen Wong Smith 604 - No Monuments in the Archives: Historical Records and Contested Public Space Washington 1, [Exhibition Level]Joshua Cobbs Youngblood • Kelsey Duinkerken • Lindsay Hiltunen • Leigh McWhite 605 - Taming the Web: Perspectives on the Transparent Management and Appraisal of Web Archives [RIM] Washington 2, [Exhibition Level]Jamie Patrick-Burns • Katherine Cranford • Kyle Douglas • Krista Sorenson • Jordon Steele 606 - Let's Be Clear: Transparency and Access to Complex Digital Objects Washington 3, [Exhibition Level]Rachel Vagts • Seth Anderson • Ryan Edge • Julia Kim • Annie Murray • Sally Vermaaten 607 - Building Bridges: The Co-Education of Archivists and Architects on Major Renovation Projects Washington 5, [Exhibition Level]Karen Trivette • Thomas M. Hotaling, AIA • Samuel Anderson • Janette S. Blackburn • J. Bunton • Ellen Doon • Elizabeth Myers • Peter Nelson 609 - Documenting Decisions: Strategies and Workflows for Consistent and Transparent Processing Delaware A, [Lobby Level]Jessica Serrao • Stefanie Caloia • Taylor de Klerk • Danielle Marie Nista • Carole Prietto 610 - Culturally Responsive and Ethical Access: Promoting Transparency in Archival Repositories with Indigenous Collections Delaware B, [Lobby Level]Diana Marsh • Brian Carpenter • Caitlin Haynes • Liza Posas • Ricardo L. Punzalan • Gina Rappaport • Melissa Stoner • Ricardo L. Punzalan

10:30am EDT