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Thursday, August 16

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201 - Email Archiving Comes of Age [RIM] Marriott Salon 2, [Lobby Level]Roger Christman • Glynn Edwards • Jeremy Gibson • Wendy Gogel • Katherine Martinez • Kate Murray • Kathleen O'Neill • Christopher Prom • Joel Simpson • Kevin L. De Vorsey • Camille Tyndall Watson • Brent M. West • Nancy Melley 202 - Finding Transparency in Records of Refugee Displacement and Resettlement Marriott Salon 1, [Lobby Level]Daniel Necas • Montserrat Canela Garayoa • Sarah Patton • Katharina Hering 203 - From Best Practices to "Next Practices": Documenting Underrepresented Communities through Oral Histories Washington 4, [Exhibition Level]Steven Bingo • Caitlin Oiye Coon • Natalia Fernández • Geoff Froh • Qing Meade 208 - Use Your Words! Methodologies for User-driven Metadata Description of Time-based Media Virginia AB, [Lobby Level]Courtney Jacobs • Candace Ming • Laura Treat 209 - More Cooks and a Renovated Kitchen: Developing a Centralized Collaborative Approach to Accessioning Delaware A, [Lobby Level]Jennifer Coggins • Jodi Berkowitz • Laura J. Hart • Nancy Kaiser • Chaitra Powell 210 - Pop Up: Can They Get Here from There? Bringing Online Researchers to the Reading Room Delaware B, [Lobby Level]Scott Pitol 211 - Community Webs: Empowering Public Libraries to Create Community History Web Archives Washington 6, [Exhibition Level]Susan Goldstein • Diana Bowers-Smith • Chatham Ewing • Paul Kelly • Natalie Milbrodt • Anke Voss • Maria Praetzellis

3:00pm EDT

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Friday, August 17

9:45am EDT

2:00pm EDT

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Saturday, August 18

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